Thanks to FAL Convention, a lot has been done to keep commercial vessels port calls documents and protect the industry from unnecessary bureaucracy. However still most problems with arrival documents arise due to simple mistakes done on IMO FAL paperwork. Our agency upon appointment provides required documents along with help drafts with step by step and easy HOW TO Fill & Sign set sent directly to Master. Also, we make extra care check them during upload received paperwork to PHICS (Polish Harbor and Customs System).

We co-operate with customs offices that acquired an excellent reputation serving cargo ships arriving in Port of Gdansk and Port of Gdynia over a period of many years on the market. All is done with highest priority and thoroughness whether it is customs admittance papers, ship’s stores, crew baggage, to clear cargo/passengers boarding or discharging. Our priority I to assure vessels compliance with local laws to guarantee safe berthing and smooth loading/unloading operations.

Depending on vessel size the only pilot is required in ports of Gdansk and Gdynia without the assistance of tugs. We always present information about these requirements to save clients from unnecessary charges. We provide help in acquiring a certification of stand-alone pilotage in the port of Gdansk and Gdynia for Masters of cargo ships that do not require the presence of tug boats during port entry for more cost-efficient port calls. Detail data for time table regarding time limits for announcing vessel ETA, vessel requirements for the number of tug boats in DOSS brochure.

We are up to date with the port of Gdansk and port of Gdynia regulations regarding vessels tug requirements. These are length-dependent for cargo vessels. Escort, birthing and unbirthing services provided assure safe passage and manoeuvring inside port limits including shifting operations if it is required. Whether the ship is at anchor or moored, at port limits, harbour or its’ waterway, we keep a track on its location and transit progress.  Along with these services, co-operating companies can arrange either towage services if requested. To learn more about these services, go to the technical support section.

All fees regarding port entry and vessel time alongside are up to date. It does not matter in which currency you decide to finance your disbursement account. Thanks to our bank agreement, we can guarantee a fixed amount on the invoice the moment you accept us as your agent thanks to freezing exchange rate with our broker. For clients that want to use dropping currency prices in opposite to freezing the price, you can decide to finish payment form your DA later on. Our online FX accounts keep your funds’ safe from banking spreads. Currency exchange rates are always negotiated individually with our broker.

Solid wastes, sewage, oily water and sludge are invariably present in day to day vessel life. Port fees always include a non-refundable down payment for a fixed quantity of solid or liquid waste that vessel can discharge alongside. That is why the crew of the ship is kept well informed about these quantities. We always stay in touch with port authorities to receive legal assurance about local restrictions unbound by IMO regulations regarding grey and black sewage and use of MARPOL equipment within port limits. DAIPA, as the first port agency in Poland, is working on introducing Green Ship Fees to port authorities and marine facilities. Find out more about DOS for these services, form our full brochure.

Full information brochure contains:
Detail data for time table regarding time limits for announcing vessel ETA, vessel requirements for the number of tug boats in DOSS brochure.

Our office works with verified suppliers. We can provide original or high-quality substitutes spares, and custom made pieces of equipment like actuators or shafts for any equipment onboard. With our line of distributors, our clients can save up to 20% depending on orders size. To meet clients expectations dealing with consumables we use mainly catalogues such as IMPA, ISSA, and RS.

Perishable and non-perishable foods are provided by local suppliers. With DAIPA fresh means fresh, and frozen means are frozen. All orders are prepared with care and the highest standards of food handling. Provisions requiring refrigeration are transported in chilled trucks. We provide safe to use chemicals and appliances for galley and stewarding use from recognized brands.

Unit or bulk supply of industrial grade chemicals, marine oils of any brand, and industrial gases with free of charge warehousing up to 2 weeks. Our office works on UNITOR and NAFLEET catalogues and can deliver high-quality and cost-effective substitute chemicals if requested with the required specification. We also supply vessels and tanks apart from gas orders.

All orders for bunkering are forwarded to Grupa LOTOS as a leading distributor of MGO, MDO and HFO in the port of Gdynia and Gdansk. DAIPA provides broker service with assistance as an observer on bunker barge or vessel side during bunkering operations. Freshwater supply prices per 1m3 are dependant on the berth detailed in DAIPA full brochure.

From first aid packs and supplements to high-end aids and professional medical equipment. We cooperate with leading suppliers of drug stores and medical facilities in Poland. For clients convenience, we can cross check if ships flag regulations permit of carrying particular medicine on board.*

Our office will manage to store or forward courier packages. The same procedure applies with parcels that missed delivery in outgoing port. With parcels up to 20kg and 1m3 per piece, this service does not require booking a warehouse space. Details of this service are in DAIPA full brochure. Different rules apply for inward and outward document packs, see Master Assist service.

*Polish regulations regarding controlled substances for vessels apply.

We work as an Owner Protective Agency or as a Client Protective Agency. On their behalf, DAIPA provides port management services involving cooperation with or control over operators, trader and other subcontractors.

Whether it is a Tanker, Bulk ship, Container ship, RORO vessel, a Barge, our level of service is the same. Our title is not a Safety Office, but you can be sure that we know how vital safety during cargo operations is. We connect safety to time, and we all know how important time is in the shipping business.

Loading and discharging of cargo sometimes is a very long and complicated process not only consisting of moving goods from vessel to terminal key. We are there at every step of the way of assisting the client and observing other principals.

Keeping concerned parties updated requires reasonable document control. Whether this means checks for integrity if the vessel or cargo operations. Thanks to our experience from both sides of the industry we will guide you through the paperwork preparation process.

Detailed and accurate reporting of vessel operations and agency completed and ongoing services to the client and nominated parties. Done on agency or vessel operators sheets. We are familiar with various online port call planning software.

Individual solutions for an international agency is looking for representation in Port of Gdansk and Gdynia as a part of your hub network. If you are looking for a professional partner to help bring excellent service to your clients reach us.

Welcome party at Lech Walesa airport is there. A crew member will not find themselves wondering where the agency is and calling travel advisors when using our services. At departures we do not use kiss and fly zone but escort personnel to check-in and security zone.

Sometimes crewing office needs moving crew member quickly to another vessel. Our principals with transport service not only drive personnel between the ship and airport but can arrange long distance personnel transfer on short notice.

High standards hotel arrangements, in locations close to embarkment terminals. Checked and verified sites so that crew and visitors can join well vessel rested, and owners can rest comfortably knowing optimal spending of crew change budget.

For marine crew one perks of working at sea is time off in ports they visit. If time allows they can venture city near the port for site seeing or to do some shopping. They will spend their time well with our directions, and Masters do not have to worry about their safety.

Stacks of papers in the ship’s office, dozens of PCS related documents, and crew certification on top of this library. At the event of missing out on their validity, we can arrange recertification of STCW papers and all Medicals including OGUK with registration. STCW certificates are issued depending on person nationality.

Injury during work or just a flue. Failure in controlling diseases onboard that can lower crews morales and their productivity. We provide doctors assistance and acquiring medication if needed, but not onboard due to flag restrictions is not available on board.*

*Crew members or passengers without EU citizenship need to hold valid international health insurance. Info on emergency situations in DAIPA brochure.

Laws and regulations on the sea are not simple but are the same everywhere you go. Once the vessel is in port, legal matters that masters concern regarding crew and ships passengers are in interest to the country of administration. Whether the issue is civil of company matter, we are here to help.

Check, double check and check again, is the thing that we do when it comes to all vessel documents that go through our desks. Our clients will never find us blindly uploading received forms and documents for customs or cargo clearance. When we see mistakes, we correct them, and we feedback suggestions.

It does not matter if we stand in as OPA or CPA our position to letters of protest is always the same; to state the truth. That is why we are taking a great deal of care about all legal forms of documenting cargo handling trough transit and loading/unloading process.

Protection of clients interest lies deeply in the feeling of professionalism. We know how sensitive information documents can hold. Especially when it comes to ships security. Guarding and making sure that none are misplaced or missing is on the DAIPA’s priority list.

We use fixed competitive rates for EUR and PLN. Charges with mandatory security insurance fee start for Cash to Master orders above the equivalent of 10 000 USD. Full details of you can find in DOSS brochure. Depending on quantity notice is required due to bank currency order limits.

For Non-Schengen citizen transit documents in the form of visa is required. Our office can arrange these travel documents for embarking and disembarking personnel. We will deal with the full process of application and issuing of visa for crew members and official visitors. Details of this process you can find in DOSS brochure.

Planned maintenance or emergency repairs during the port stay can include anything from simple cleaning services and painting to ordering diver services for hull inspection. All will be done thanks to the verified list of service companies with a specific trade professionally, and by workers with high skill set.

Vessel staying in dry dock or during preparation is still in need of an agent. All services provided for vessels in during port call apply for ships in shipyard without any difference is it in wet or dry dock. With extended stay, appointment type and services provided higher discounts apply for agency fees. During docking, 0% VAT for all our services still applies for EU and Non-EU based vessel owners.

Faster cargo operations, quicker and shorter transit periods, more significant amounts of data to be forwarded, transferred and uploaded. It is the direction of the new age of shipping. DAIPA provides professional care for communication, connectivity with national wireless network providers, cybersecurity services. Our services also include the required hardware and software supplies.

Service for owners in need of the pier with the possibility for short or long term mooring. The client can specify berth by required media including network access, power supply, specific terminal proximity, or just cost-efficient location. All are at your fingertips with our database of wharves in Gdansk and Gdynia.

Vessels under construction, undergoing modifications, on a cold layup or with a need for significant quantities of provisions for marine crew. Our catering solutions provide the possibility of a daily supply of high-quality ready meals for a specific number of persons onboard.

Towage does not only mean vessel escort in our vocabulary. Arrangements include a port to port transfers and shifting, 24/7 assistance arrangements for vessel contracted with operations within port limits and booking of a firefighting vessel during high-risk activities on deck.